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Sacroiliac Joint Pain


Pain originating in the sacroiliac joint is generally in the lower back, buttocks and thighs.


The sacroiliac joint (SI joint) is the joint bridging the lowest segment of the spinal column (sacrum) to the bones of the pelvis. These joints support the upper body when we are standing. After time, the SI joint can develop arthritis and become painful, particularly when walking and climbing stairs.

Treatments for Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Non-surgical treatment options are most appropriate to relieve SI joint pain. The first treatment options usually include chiropractic care, physical therapy and/or medication. If pain persists, injections may be done. Rhizotomy, a procedure done to deaden nerves around the SI joint, may be done to control pain. Rarely is surgery, other than rhizotomy, done to treat SI joint pain.

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